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Ben Tuimaseve qualified for Oceania Games

Ben Tuimaseve is representing NZ at the Oceania Games 2019 then aims to qualify for the World Champs. Ben is the first senior from Papakura to represent NZ since Kimberley Smith. Churr bro - what a legend!

Our President Mel, caught up with Ben to have a Q&A about has momentous achievement and how he met our clubs Olympion coach John Eden.

Mel: Congratulations on making the NZ team. How did you feel when you heard you had made the team?

Ben:Thanks Mel! I felt surprised and nervous but deep down happy because I put in honest work, qualified and now have the chance to represent NZ which is a part of my goals as an athlete.

Mel: When did you start competing in athletics?

Ben: I started last year but I went and played Rugby League. Got injured in league in a tackle which sent me to ankle surgery, then came back to shotput this year, with the right attitude to put in the work and try give it a good crack.

Mel: What is your best throwing distance and what field event do you compete in?

Ben: I am a para athlete who competes in shotput. My PB is 11.71m, class F37.

Mel: Why did you try Athletics?

Ben: I wanted to try something new and different. Never been one to do sports but it's a mean challenge, one that will be one of my favourite achievements if I can crack it to be a high performing athlete - because of what's required technically, physically and mentally.

How did you find your couch John Eden?

I found John inside a bar with a cowboy hat on, doing karaoke singing 'the gambler’. Nah I was put onto him by a friend, asked to join his squad and he was keen to take me on, as an athlete.

Mel: What is your goal for 2019-2020?

Ben: My goal is to be ranked in the top 6 of the worlds at World Champs to hopefully open a shot at making Tokyo 2020. It's all happening faster than I thought it would, so I'm trying to keep up and give it all I got to make the most of the opportunity.

Mel: What is your favourite saying/proverb?

Ben: I don't know about a favourite saying but I like 'difference is the challenge but ultimately the blessing' Be the blessing you are and embrace what makes you different from everyone else.

Mel:What motivates you?

Ben: My family and friends, you just can't help but try in whatever is it because their love and support is there all the way. Doubt is another motivation. I overthink a lot and it can create doubt but when you beat it, it's a pretty tasty victory.

If your interested in joining Olympic Coach John Edens throwing academy email

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