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Attn:  Avah,  Flynn, Georgina,, Harper,, Joseph, William, 

Great work to our Roadies who contributed.


Dear Volunteers,


I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional contribution towards the successful delivery of the recent Colgate Games in Auckland and Dunedin.


The impact of your efforts was truly remarkable, and it played a pivotal role in providing a memorable experience to record numbers of young athletes who participated in the games. The success of the Colgate Games is a testament to the dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work of volunteers like you who generously gave their time and skills to make the event a resounding success.


I had the pleasure of attending both the North and South Island Games, and it was heartening to witness the seamless coordination and positive atmosphere that was created. Your commitment to excellence and attention to detail did not go unnoticed, and the positive feedback we have received from athletes, coaches, and spectators alike is a testament to the outstanding job done by each and every volunteer.


Once again, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your invaluable support. It is the dedication of individuals like you that makes Athletics New Zealand and events like the Colgate Games thrive. Your contribution does not go unnoticed, and we are grateful for the positive mark you have left on our sport.


Thank you for your time, commitment, and the positive energy you brought to the games.



Ngā mihi - Kind regards


Cam Mitchell

Chief Executive

Colgate Games 2024 - Day One Results

Well done to all our athletes today. Loads of smiles and new friends made.



Paige Fletcher 14G Shotput

Renzo Johnston 10B 100m


Braxton Fletcher 11B Discus


Lucas Postill 10B Discus

Tighe Healy 13B 400m

Top 8 Finalist Ribbons

4th Logan Potts 13B 400m

4th Emereziana Lautua 13G Discus

5th Harley O’Brien 11B 100m

7th 13 Mixed Medley Relay

7-9’s - Divisional Placings

Remy Solipo-Lindsay 7B 1st - Discus & 60m

Fitimoka Pole 7G 1st 200m

Mikayla Bruce 8G 1st LJ

Haines Pawa 8B 3rd 60m

Adam Mogal 8B 3rd 60m

Summer Harris 9G 3rd Discus

All the best for Saturday. Parents if you have not already messaged 7-9 results on team reach please do so



Colgate Games 2024 - Day Two Results

A true Auckland day with all kinds of weather! Well done to our amazing team. Your support for each other is fantastic



Renzo Johnston 10B 200m

10B 4x100 Relay (Lucas/George/Leroy/Renzo)


11B 4x100 Relay (Braxton/Maximus/Carter/Harley)

Top 8 Finalist Ribbons

4th Harley O’Brien 10B HJ

4th 10G 4x100 Relay

5th Logan Potts 13B 200m

6th Harley O’Brien 10B 200m

7th Kiana Jackman 10G 1500m

8th 11G 4x100 Relay

7-9’s Divisional Placings

Summer Harris 9G LJ 1st, 100m 2nd

Remy Solipo-Lindsay 7B 200m 1st

Haines Pawa 8B Discus 2nd

Bayley Stewart 8G 100m 2nd

Adam Mogal 8B 200m 3rd

Miles Williams 7B Shotput 3rd

One more day to go


Colgate Games 2024 - Day Three Results

Final day - lots of tired kids (and parents ), but we all pulled through! Well done to all the PAHC athletes for giving Colgates a go.



Lucas Postill 10B High Jump

Matthew Baird 11B 1200m Racewalk

Duvall Reihana 13B 100m

13B 4x100 Relay (Tighe, Logan, Brooklyn, Duvall)


Angela Baird 11G 1200m Racewalk


10 Medley (Leroy, Mila Jo, Kiana, George, Renzo)

Top 8 Finalist Ribbons

4th Harley O’Brien 11B 400m

4th Emereziana Lautua 13G Shotput

5th Braxton Fletcher 11B Shotput

5th Maximus Tate 11B LJ

5th Paige Fletcher 14G Discus

6th George Healy 10B HJ

6th 11 Medley Relay

8th Ellaray Tuhimata 12G HJ

7-9 Divisional Placings

Fitimoka Pole 7G 100m 1st, LJ 1st, 60m 2nd

Remy Solipo-Lindsay 7B 100m 1st, LJ 2nd

Mikayla Bruce 8G SP 1st

Adam Mogal 8B 100m 2nd

Bayley Stewart 8G Shotput 2nd, 60m 3rd

Haines Pawa 8B Shotput 2nd

Summer Harris 9G Discus 1st

Tilitonu Tililao 9G Discus 3rd

A huge thanks to Tracey and Eric for managing the team and to all the parents who helped out in any way. It is truly appreciated. Extra Thanks to Alison Fletcher for taking down our results and photos and our Super coach Rob Ward for taking time to train most of our Athletes and prepare them for Colgate's. Our PAHC Colgate roadies Joseph Dunn,Avah Sila,Flynn Healy,Georgina Lautua,William Campbell,Harper Tuhimata we appreciate you all.

We hope you loved Colgate's and hope to see you back in Hastings 2025! (Hint - boom your accommodation now!)

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