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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Auckland Champs 2019

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The times and dates have been changed. Please see the link below.

Due to Final Track Repairs there is no longer a Friday Night Programme for 1st  Feb.

Please ensure you check new Saturday/Sunday Programme for 2nd - 3rd Feb, as events are now starting  at an earlier time on Saturday at Mt Smart Stadium

An updated Duty Roster is also below so please take a moment to familiarise the new roster.  .

For information on the New Programme , Duty Roster and Parking click here


Please read if you will be competing - you don’t want to miss out on competing due to a technicality around check-in’s or scratching’s.

All athletes must check in at least 60mins prior to your first event each day (excluding pole-vault 90mins). • Packs and Bib Numbers will be available on competition days from the Technical Information Centre located within the administration building adjacent to the grandstand. • It is the responsibility of athletes to collect race packs and make any scratchings

Daily check in grade 7yrs+ • Daily check in is required to enable officials to confirm fields for each event. This means that all athletes grade 7yrs and above must confirm their entry 60 minutes (except pole vaulters – 90 minutes) prior to the first event they are competing in, each day of the Championships they are competing. • Athletes not completing this process are liable for exclusion from that event and all other events that they have entered. IAAF Rule 142.4 “Failure to participate” would apply • Only those athletes confirmed as starters will be drawn in the fields for each even



- If a club is listed by themselves on a field event they need 4 people to assist the technical officials

- If there are two clubs then it will be 2 people

- If we lose officials then the club rostered on will need to provide more assistance

Call Room

- 2 per club is sufficient. It is an all day duty so thew club needs to ensure they have people available.


- All medals are sorted in  envelopes ready to go. The clubs rostered on need to work together to do the medal presentations. There will be no speaker system. Just the athletes on the dias receiving their medal.  

TIC - Work with TIC Manager - only 2 required - all day duty

Umpires - Work with Chief umpire and Track Referee - need at least 6 from the club - all day duty

Hurdles - Work with umpires and Track Referee to set up, move and pack up

hurdles - the more people helping the better

Starters Assistants - 2 from the club - all day duty.

Collect start sheets and put athletes in lanes.

Finish line - 2 per club - assist track refer

Best of luck everyone!

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